Christmas Trip to Haiti 2011

Doug is leaving with a team tonight to deliver some Christmas JOY to Haiti.

They fly back on Tuesday, so it is a fast trip but they have every minute accounted for and will be super busy!! Doug, Monica and Carrie are heading up the party planning and they have so many cool things planned for the kids. Christmas is a very special time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus and oh how the Haitians LOVE to celebrate together!! Each child from the orphanage, Maison and the boys home, Zanfan Lakay were sponsored for Christmas by caring volunteers from Coast Bible, Stoneybrooke and others. When you sponsor you get to shop for your child by filling up a gallon Ziploc bag. Doug and I had such a fun time with it since we know our 3 boys, Yvenaire, Clivens and Aly and were able to personalize there gifts according to each of them. We barely we able to fit it all in!!

I am SO SO sad that I won't be on this trip so I told Doug to make sure the team gets good video of all the kids opening the gifts. :0) Won't it be SO fun to see the faces of these excited kids!
Doug really wanted his kids in his 6th grade class to get involved and so he gave them a chance to sponsor a child and almost all of them did!!!

Doug was able to have Pastor Pierre come to his class and talk to the kids. What a cool idea!! I am sure it was fun for the kids to hear from him.

So please keep Doug and the team in your prayers. Also if you can try to follow along on the blog, Doug tells me he is going to work to keep us updated on a regular basis. :)

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