Back to Haiti in T- Minus 24 Hours

Back to Haiti: Yes, that's right after only 22 days after my daughter, Charley was born (Don't worry:(- Jen has prayed me through this trip and been my biggest fan the whole time and her mom will be with her taking care of Char the whole time.:) , I am heading back to Haiti for 7 days with some newbies: "Will-I-Am" Fraker, "Karlitas" Berkompas,and "E- Dub"- Miss Emily Evans. I am super stoked for them to meet my brothers from another mother! And back for some more "Vahaitian" fun is my sis, Kristan Livington, Monica Grim, Carrie Gibson, and Jessi. We all have a few trips under our belt and have caught the "Haiti bug". Our passion for Haiti continues and this year we are gearing up for 1200+ for VBS- Vahatian Bible School and some more memorable visits to Zanfan Lakay- the boys' home, and also Maison- the orphanage. Please keep us in your prayers as we all enjoy our last night of comfy beds, air conditioning and cold water- all luxuries that we take for granted every day. Please pray for our safety, health, and guidance as we spread the love of Jesus throughout Port au Prince, Haiti.